Things I can help you with

My areas of expertise include but not limited to

create, design & adopt your personal & professional development

life projects 

such as immigration, expatriation, mid-term travels &

MOVING abroad


If you are experiencing any difficulty with energy, attention and/or concentration, memory, or relaxation, I suggest you first pay attention to your thoughts and internal biases. This can be changed with the help of transformational life coaching. Plus, you'll learn how to become your own personal Coach!

About me

Associate Certified Coach ICF with 12 years of experience in economics, finance, aviation consultancy within the international private & public corporations. Practicing Professional Coaching since 2020.

ABOUT ME, about freedom...

I always knew that the most precious thing that a person has on earth is freedom. Yet, freedom is also a constant choice and decision-making. So, not everyone will like freedom. The good news is that anyone can develop the skill of being free. I am talking here about the inner eternal freedom of every Soul...

My name is Olga. And I would be happy to accompany you as your Coach on your own journey to find your freedom: from your own negative limitations, your fears, your frustrations, your inner limitations on your way to a new You who creates, dreams and lives in the best way for you!

Why I am the right person to accompany you?

Since childhood, I have undergone many transformations, both external and internal. I was born in the Soviet Union, then lived in the transformational Ukraine until my first "student" migration in 2014 to France. During this time, I received 3 higher educations and learned several international languages.

Within my last job I was able to travel all over the world and visited over 30 countries in just 4 years. What I have noticed during those travels: we humans can be so different in customs, traditions, language, mentality, even clothes; and at the same time we are so alike in our thoughts, needs, emotions and feelings, in our desires for freedom...

Contact me if you want to know more about exploring this opportunity to your own freedom, the most unique opportunity that the Earth has to offer you!

MY education & credentials IN COACHING

You can check additional information about my education, licenses and cases on my Linkedin page here :



Coaching is a working process between a Coachee and a Coach in which the Coachee has the opportunity to explore deeply the knowledge he/she has of him/herself and to transform this knowledge by opening new doors and opportunities. The Coach is responsible for creating a fertile ground - the coaching space.

Professional Coaching is


Coaching is about your achieving your goals through efficient decision making step by step. You are the only key-person who takes all the responsibility related to your life and is ready to make the best decision for yourself and people you care about. 


A Coach is not a consultant, teacher, mentor or anyone else for the Coachee, but a partner! I believe that it is only through a true partnership that many things become possible. 

Coaching is for you if:

you have difficulties with self-realization and finding your mission...

you want to change your job or even profession but don't know where to start from...

you were experiencing burn-out at your work and you want to change your path...

you don't have enough energy nor motivation to undertake the necessary actions to boost your life...

you want to discover your whole potential and implement it in your professional life...

you are installed abroad and you need support during this transition period...

you have any other life or professional related issue you want to explore via coaching.

How we will proceed?

My methodology

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Packages & prices

individual coaching

1 month partnership

individual coaching for particulars

2.5 months partnership

individual coaching for particulars

3 to 4 months partnership

Introductory session 60%off

75€ => 30€

Please contact me to obtain business and corporate package rates



All information (documented or verbal) that the client shares with the coach in the course of their relationship, are bound by the principles of confidentiality set forth in the ICF Code of Ethics.

ICF CODE of ethics

Compliance with ethnical standards and professional conduct of ICF in accordance with the Code of Ethics by the Coach. The Client has a right to contract ICF in case of violation of their Rights. 


Coach and clients are partners in coaching relantionship. Coach can not be a council, advisor, instructor or anybody else apart being a coach who use established ICF competencies in coaching relantionship.

Money refund if...

According to Coaching Agreement, Client is entitled to stop coaching relationship in any moment, therefore the funds for the sessions that have not taken place, would be returned to the Client.

Happy clients

Get 60% off your first session now!